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In our treatment practice we strive to bring the mind, body and spirit closer in alignment through music, art and guided imagery meditations. We creating a safe space to process and give voice to what has needed to be seen and healed. 

There are a number of background philosophies and trainings used in treatment practices.

IFS (Internal family systems) looks at parts of self to see where a trauma occurred.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) processes words, phrases and beliefs we tell ourselves that hold us back in life.

FCOA (Full Court of Atonement) is the epigenetic modality to modify beliefs and behaviors. This treats the entire lineage so behaviors stop in the current generation!

Mind-Body Medicine Small Group is limited to 10 participants and ideal for first responders including dispatchers, police and fire personnel. We meet for two hour sessions with many weekly options to choose from for your convenience. I rotate the activity every 8 weeks and we open with breathing exercise, share a check in to see where you are at in the present moment, then do a group mind-body medicine activity and share before we close the group until next time. I follow the protocols set by the Center for Mind-Body Medicine Washington D.C.

One on One Sessions are 60 minutes and can be completed by zoom, facetime, and Google meet video conference. Open with breathing technique to bring the most authentic self forward, then have the client do a check in to let me know their concerns, then we one by one complete a hybrid of techniques to eliminate or modify behavior(s) so client moves forward in life free of teh weight they arrived with. Can include The Emotion Code, The Body Code, IFS, NLP FCOA, and energetic releases and resets.


An introduction to Soft Belly Breathing

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