These on-site workshops are for players, coaches, athletic trainers and the entire organization! Ego's, injuries, toxicity in the workplace culture, burnout and stress all chip away at our greatness. Coaches frustrated because players are repeatedly on the injury report, athletic trainers who don't know how to treat injuries with epigenetic patterning and players frustrated while battling addiction and other mental health challenges.​

These workshops will reveal and support participants through several hands on activities with lunch included. * Team provides meeting facility and covers all expenses of event in addition to separate speaker fee paid in full at booking. Speaker will provide all workshop materials.  Expect morning and afternoon sessions- a full day of processing what is holding you back from your full potential!  There will be several opportunities to work one on one with the audience and speaker so all can learn and conquer breakthroughs together! 

Speaking fee is $14,500 USD       That is $72.50 per 200 employees, $ 274 per person for 53 man NFL Roster

You can't afford to NOT invest in your players and your organization.

**May appear as Badass Workshop on your receipt. 

On Site Unleash Potential Workshops