Thank you very much, you were so right about everything! 


Annemarie has been great with my daughter and I!  We shared an inherited imbalance and she was able to work on us at the same time.               K.K.

Annemarie is a gifted healer,she has greatly helped my family!    E.W.

Session #1 for anxiety-You're a freak'n miracle!!  Thank you. You have no idea what a difference you made. I haven't had one single negative thought about myself all day. I practiced the tapping exercises today, yay!!      Session #2   I am on top of the world!!! Could it be that the way I'm viewing things has changed my relationship so quickly? I feel my boyfriend is treating me nicer as are truly a miracle worker and use my texts for testimonials as evidence to show people...   M.T.


I appreciate you, feeling pretty calm and sleeping well. I feel more at ease and clear.                    D.O.

Very cool!   My teen daughter really like it.  Annemarie  explained  what she was doing so my daughter felt  comfortable.         J.T.

​I feel great! thank you so much, my night sweats stopped that night and my husband and I are communicating better.   Y.K.

Our family dog was having food sensitivities and aggressive behavior towards the neighbor. She was able to muscle test the  dog and found abandonment and anxiety- now our dog is on the correct food and better adjusted.              M.L.

Nausea Client- I turned the corner after meeting with Annemarie. Two visits to the emergency room and prescription medicine didn't help me the way she did in a matter of minutes! I'm feeling so much better.  T.P.


15 year old    "Anger"  

​My life was at a point where I felt like I had all this anger towards people. Not so positive things were happening around me and I had no idea how to deal with the energy. When I started having sessions with Anne Marie I felt like I could deal with day to day battles and I wasn't so quick to get frustrated or lash out on anyone.


For the first time in my life I don't hate myself.  I have learned a lot about myself and I would never change that.  I'm sleeping like a baby and feeling lighter! Thanks to her I have also stopped smoking and binge eating when I get overwhelmed..  J.R.

After my car accident I felt dazed and tired. After  10 minutes with Annemarie I felt my body relax and tension disappeared. She saw me two days later and removed fatigue. I was able to return to work three days after my accident!      S.L.

My chronic fatigue and insomnia is gone! I didn't know years of anger caused my liver to swell and caused my severe fibromyalgia. Now I identify when I'm overwhelmed and use the skills Annemarie taught me to maintain my own happiness!  L.A.

Yes I feel more clear and not conflicted.  Before I had lots of stress and rough times. I realized I want to pursue doing each trauma from my life with her!            L.S.

​​​I'm not as hungry- I came home and went straight to the refrigerator, I ended up putting all the food back and started cleaning instead.   A.J.