I became curious in 2013 when my athlete daughter became post-concussive for 9 months; why did some athletes return to their sport before her with the same injury?  My quest began to further educate myself and train in healthcare that focused on brain injury, chronic behaviors and how trauma affects the body. 

Since 2013,  I am Certified in Energy Medicine, Certified in Advanced Mind-Body Medicine Trauma Groups and Reiki Practitioner.

Prior to 2013 my previous medical/ dental experience includes 15 years Ca. EMT, 18 years non-RN operating room scrub nurse and 25 years as Registered Dental Assistant in Pediatrics. 

Annemarie came for a house call for my son and time was  left over; she also treated my daughter's sore ankle that fractured three months before and was still was sore.  Three  releases and no trip back to orthopedics!        2016

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Why have clients seen me?

Do any of these sound or FEEL familiar to you?

Annemarie was great with my daughter!  Turns out we had a shared inherited  imbalance that was quickly and comfortably resolved.  This was something our family doctor and therapist missed!                              2017


*Soft Tissue Inflammation

*Post Concussion Syndrome


*Chronic/ Resistant Healing

*Pain when medical community clears you for play

*Adrenal Fatigue

*Auto Immune- Fibromyalgia & other clusters

*Addiction Tendencies


*Low Self Esteem

*Chronic Behavior Patterns

*Self sabotage Behaviors