Chronic fatigue, bruises easily, achey muscles when touched on up to 18 points on the body, positive ANA number, hair loss, weight loss, recurrent co-infections related to Lyme disease

​Post Concussion Syndrome, Anxiety, PTSD

 Specialty Groups

Care giver, LGBT & Teen Support

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Annemarie Lafferty, CECP

​​​               Together we will release the subconscious barriers to living the life you truly want.

Achieve a level of peace with yourself, your career, relationships, and financially​​ once old traumas and negative behavior patterns are gone

 Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Wellness and Life Coaching

Traumatic Brain Injury- VA

Confusion, Short attention span, Brain Fog, Irritability, Chronic fatigue, Sensitivity to Sounds, Motion, Lights, Nausea, Memory Loss

                ​Petaluma, Ca. 

Chronic Illness

​​Radio Programmer/ Host of Healing Within Show KPCA 103.3FM

Public Speaker for Wellness Events