Neuro Emotional Therapist

Wellness and Life Coaching

Traumatic Brain Injury- VA

Public Speaker for Wellness Events

​Post Concussion Syndrome, Anxiety, PTSD

Chronic Illness

Annemarie Gallup,CECP

​​​              The energy to achieve personal success and well being is already within you, we help you identify it. Together we will release the subconscious barriers to living the life you truly want.

Achieve a level of peace with yourself, your career, relationships, and financially​​ once old traumas and negative behavior patterns are gone


Chronic fatigue, bruises easily, achey muscles when touched on up to 18 points on the body, positive ANA number, hair loss, weight loss, recurrent co-infections related to Lyme disease

Confusion, Short attention span, Brain Fog, Irritability, Chronic fatigue, Sensitivity to Sounds, Motion, Lights, Nausea, Memory Loss

​Petaluma, Ca. and ​Los Angeles, Ca. 

 Specialty Groups

Care giver, LGBT & Teen Support

707-364-9019 and 310-402-9318